Thursday, December 29, 2011


or maybe just busy.  When I began this blog on November 11th, I committed to two posts per week.  Well two in one month is ballpark; an extra large ballpark.  I turned 50 in December (more about that in another post) and although the party was small, it still took a lot of planning.

Then there's Christmas.  I had finished the bulk of my shopping before Thanksgiving.  Good for me - told everyone how wonderful I am.  I was going to enjoy this Christmas.

Enter the reality of normal life being ridiculously busy, and the thought of adding just one simple task to an already over responsible day causing trauma (and drama too I suppose).  But add gift wrapping, card sending, tree buying, holiday party going, school play attending, cooking baking... and missing a nervous breakdown by a whisker on Santa's chin is eminent.

I'm 50 now.  I can control tasks, live life one day at a time, all will be smooth under my mature command.  Yeah, not so much, but thinking that it could be brings me great pleasure.

All this to say that I have ideas galore but no time to flesh them out.  On this day, two days before we make the resolutions that will all be broken by January 2nd, at noon,  I recommit to two posts per week.  Check that, one post per week.  Unless of course the stars align with Mars in the second coming of Jupiter; then I will post two per week.

An amazing 2012 to all five of my readers!

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