Monday, May 12, 2014

Think About It

I just heard that a network dropped a show because the parties were Christian and “anti-gay.”  Both sides of this story make me want to vomit.  What this action says, is that Americans are not allowed to think the way they think.  Communism springs to mind.

I am Christian to the bone.  I have two dear friends, who I love very much, that are lesbians, have been together for over 60 years, and are interracial.  Don’t think they can get much more controversial if they tried.  Both are extremely generous, they use their gifts and talents to change the lives of many, predominantly young people, and the line of folks they’ve helped could circle around the globe. 

I have many Christian friends who have done the same.  I love them too.  I don’t think it’s the Christian community at large, or the gay/lesbian community at large that create the animosity.  I think it’s small groups on each side that have decided the world should behave as drones and no one should have their own opinions or thoughts and if you do, we’ll fire you, hate you, put you in a box.

As for the gay/lesbian group(s) who got these folks fired, shame on you.  We are in an era where employment is hard to find and Americans need to work.  You have to accept that not everyone will agree with your lifestyle.  To the "anti-gay" protestors who think their rallies change anything, shame on you for trying to tell someone else how to live.  Just for the record, I've never heard of a gay/lesbian man or woman choosing to go straight because of a rally.

I’m around young people a lot and I’m often asked, as a Christian, how do I feel about gays?  The bible says that folks shouldn’t lay with the same sex.  It also says that we shouldn’t judge and it also says that the most important gift is love.  America is a democracy where American citizens have rights of choice and freedom.  

I always tell those young people about my two friends and how I can’t imagine either one of them living any other way.  I choose to live differently and that's okay with both of us.  What’s not okay is not to love or to attempt to control another because their opinion differs with yours.  

Monday, March 24, 2014


I’m 74% city girl, 24% Beach Bum, with just a tad of farm girl nudged into each of those characteristics.  Prior to about a month ago, I believed that canning was for 100% farm girls and grandmothers.  And even if I did attempt this activity, which I’m totally unqualified to complete, I have neither the time, nor room for all the equipment I would need.

However, life being life, I found myself with eight pounds of strawberries and my little voice (the one above my belly button that guides me when I choose to listen), said, “Try canning them.”  By adding fresh lemon juice, sugar (I use raw sugar), and about forty- five minutes of my time, to sliced strawberries, I made six jars of delicious preserves.

There is a ton of information on the web by folks educated to teach the how to’s of canning.  I particularly like the videos, and am anxious to try vegetables and other types of fruit.

Another benefit is, by adding a clever label or ribbon to your Mason Jar, Voila!,  Hostess Gift, for the last minute dinner party you were invited to a week ago, that you forgot about.

There’s machinery out there if you’re very serious or have more money than you know what to do with.  If you don’t fall into either one of those categories, I’d wait.

Next time, instead of eating Girl Scout Cookies and Chips for dinner (I’ve heard people do this), have a nutrition packed jar of asparagus or green beans that you canned yourself.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Please Be Patient Just A Bit Longer

Life.  It has a set of priorities that are often different than mine.  I will return very soon.  Thank you so much.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas

Although I would really like to keep up with my blog during the Christmas Season, it's not going very well.  So I'd like to wish you all an Amazing Christmas and a most prosperous New Year.  I'll see you in January.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

You Too Can Relate

I was dining with my niece at Balboa Pizza Company (in Henderson, NV), and she said how so much of what we learn about relationships, is from watching our parents.  Considering that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce, this is a scary thought.  Neither she nor I grew up in a home where there was respect, love or friendship between our parents.

She's in her twenties and trying to find her way.  I'm not, but I recall those same years trying to find mine.  I spent them jumping from one dysfunctional relationship to the next.  As I stood in front of my elders, a bleeding heart in hand, the conversation typically went like this:

"Why does this keep happening to me?"
"Don't worry, lots of fish in the see.  The right one will come along."
"How will I know?"
"You'll know."

How is this helpful?!  Why didn't anyone, in ten years, ever say:

"This keeps happening to you, because you were taught that if you don't get your way, you shout the other person down until they cave."

"This keeps happening to you because the only reason the two people who raised you stayed together, was 'for the kids.'  Love and respect for each other went out the window six months after you born."

"You will know the 'right one' when he gives as much as you do.   Not necessarily at the same time, but at the end of the year, the score should be zero to zero.  If you're the only one giving, GET OUT!"

"You'll know he's the right one when he treats you as kindly as you treat him.  If he can't, say goodbye and go live your life until a loving fella enters your world."

"If a potential partner tells you that they are no good - RUN!!!  They know themselves.  Trust them.  Do not assume that they're misunderstood.  RUN!!!! I tell you RUN!!!

As it turned out, the right one did come along disguised as my friend (add that to the list).   How did I know he was the right one?  Every time we took the next step, dating, engagement, marriage, buying a home, it felt right in the pit of my stomach.

I told my niece all of these things, as I have 294 times before.  Her eyes glaze over like they do when I tell the same story over and over again.  Really, the most important thing each of us can do?  Teach those coming up after us to relate, remembering that they hear little we say, but watch every move we make.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Galveston Gulf View Condo Available for Vacation Rental

I haven't achieved the readership, yet, that I need to get folks who'd like to advertise on my blog, so I've decided to do a bit of my own.

We have a condo in Galveston, TX that we rent out year round.  It's a two bedroom, two bath that sleeps eight.  It has a west gulf view, is located on the first floor, one king bed, one queen bed, bunk beds and a sleeper sofa.  Two TV's (One Flatscreen), DVD, full range/oven, granite counter tops, ceramic tile floor coverings throughout, washer/dryer and wireless internet.

If you'd like to know more about it, please visit:

In case that link doesn't work, please go to:

And choose to book suite #1106.

Thank you.

Who's Problem Is It?

Thanksgiving is less than a week and a half away; Christmas, just slightly over a month.  It's the time for spending oodles of time with family.  In our dreams there is a cozy fire burning, the house smells of turkey and spice and everyone is being treated with kindness and love.  The fire and the turkey, doable.  Families who do not end up in some sort of scuffle before desert, rare as the East African Bongo.

I've thought of a coping strategy to use this year, that I'd like to share.  We'll find out together how well it works.

There are members of my family that don't like my hair.  I like my hair.  So when they make an evil comment about the light socket and my finger, I'm going to say to myself, their problem not mine, and continue stuffing the turkey.

I am overweight, but have been working very hard since June and have seen some positive results.  However, barring famine, I won't be my ideal weight by Christmas.  So if when the pumpkin pie is passed and Aunt Sara says, "Oh she doesn't need any of that," to an entire room of people, I will say in my head, bully, and then take a slice of the pie.

We internalize so many mean things that are said to us, or feel like we need to defend ourselves.  "My hair is naturally curly." "I've been exercising and eating really healthy."  Or, we hone in on their faults.  "Oh, I guess it's okay that you ran over Sam's cat who didn't die, but you left the scene anyway."  This gets nowhere quickly.  The cat is no more of your business than your hair and weight are theirs'.

I never recommend internalizing feelings or not feeling your feelings.  Heart attack city.  I do recommend not taking on other folks problems or bullying even if you love them.  If they tell you that you have a character trait that you're not, greedy for example, simply write it off to being their problem.  If you've been struggling with greed, you've confided in them, and they're using it against you, bully.

Enjoy the season.  And Praise God that it only comes once a year!