Monday, May 12, 2014

Think About It

I just heard that a network dropped a show because the parties were Christian and “anti-gay.”  Both sides of this story make me want to vomit.  What this action says, is that Americans are not allowed to think the way they think.  Communism springs to mind.

I am Christian to the bone.  I have two dear friends, who I love very much, that are lesbians, have been together for over 60 years, and are interracial.  Don’t think they can get much more controversial if they tried.  Both are extremely generous, they use their gifts and talents to change the lives of many, predominantly young people, and the line of folks they’ve helped could circle around the globe. 

I have many Christian friends who have done the same.  I love them too.  I don’t think it’s the Christian community at large, or the gay/lesbian community at large that create the animosity.  I think it’s small groups on each side that have decided the world should behave as drones and no one should have their own opinions or thoughts and if you do, we’ll fire you, hate you, put you in a box.

As for the gay/lesbian group(s) who got these folks fired, shame on you.  We are in an era where employment is hard to find and Americans need to work.  You have to accept that not everyone will agree with your lifestyle.  To the "anti-gay" protestors who think their rallies change anything, shame on you for trying to tell someone else how to live.  Just for the record, I've never heard of a gay/lesbian man or woman choosing to go straight because of a rally.

I’m around young people a lot and I’m often asked, as a Christian, how do I feel about gays?  The bible says that folks shouldn’t lay with the same sex.  It also says that we shouldn’t judge and it also says that the most important gift is love.  America is a democracy where American citizens have rights of choice and freedom.  

I always tell those young people about my two friends and how I can’t imagine either one of them living any other way.  I choose to live differently and that's okay with both of us.  What’s not okay is not to love or to attempt to control another because their opinion differs with yours.  

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