Monday, September 30, 2013

I'll Call You Back

What I'm about to say is indicative to a specific situation in my life, as most "Op-Ed" pieces are.  However, we are all tied together by being a part of the human condition, so I have to believe that this problem belongs to more than me.

When a friend or loved one says, "I'll call you back," I believe that they'll call me back.  Now, everyone gets busy, and an occasional, "I blew it" is acceptable.  These words are written to the folks who have a chronic problem.  A habit, a vice, whatever.  I would like to tell you that it would be better for you to say the following instead:

  1.   I'm not interest in what's going on in your life.
  2.   You don't matter enough to me to share my life with you.
  3.   You are insignificant to me.
  4.   You are not worth the investment of my time.   

Oh that's not nice.  Those words will hurt somebody.  So unkind.  And talk about politically incorrect.

You're saying all of those things anyway by not keeping your word.  Oh, add that you can't keep your word.  It's impossible to build a relationship on deception.  Telling the truth would be so much kinder.  The Truth sets us all free.

One more thing.  If you're the victim of a chronic liar, harsh, but the truth, don't spend one second of your time or energy wondering why they treat you like this.  The problem is theirs.

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