Monday, July 8, 2013

Boz Scaggs New "Album" MEMPHIS

Scaggs sang the first lyric from his original song, Gone Baby Gone and my heart sang back, "Hello old friend."  I still heard Lido Shuffle, but in a more grown-up voice.  In a few words, he took me back to high school, yet left me in front of the bathroom mirror, making mascara application a more enjoyable experience.

I can think of twelve people who will disagree with me before I finish this sentence, but since it is my blog, I'm going to say it.  The best decade for music began in the late 60's and carried over through the 70's.  Yes, musically I mostly live in 1979 and prior.  Whenever a new album comes out from one my long ago treasured artists, I'm hopeful that in their lyrics I will find the days of the local records stores.  However, comeback artists often no longer have "it."  I will never write a critical review because even bad art is difficult to make, and someone liked it because it was produced and made available in the open market. Be that as it may, when I do like the new songs from a jewel from my past, I must share.

Mr. Scaggs, (just like Dr. John - see previous post) still has the "it" and like the wine he sells, his voice has grown smoother with time.

The album is a mix of remakes and two new songs.  All however have his signature voice stamped upon them.  The remake of Corrina, Corrina is one of my favorites.  Willy DeVille's Mixed up, Shook Up Girl, is a blend of Reggae, Blues and Soul the way only Scaggs can do.

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